Kara is trained as a social worker and currently runs a nonprofit consulting firm based in Omaha.

Kara Eastman Announces Her Candidacy for a Rematch Against Don Bacon

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Omaha, NE. Today, Kara Eastman, the 2018 Democratic Nominee for Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, announced that she is running to unseat Don Bacon in 2020. Eastman lost the election to Bacon in November by 1.99%, a total of 4945 votes.

Kara Eastman released this statement:

“Running for Congress to represent the Nebraska 2nd was the greatest honor of my life. I am proud of our campaign and the enthusiasm we ignited in the district. Donald Trump and Don Bacon continue to fuel the incredible partisan divide in our country. Nebraskans deserve an independent voice who can bring people together and fight for the things we all need and deserve. All Nebraskans should be able to get ahead when they work hard; that means having a living wage, healthcare, and affordable, healthy housing. They also deserve a representative who will fight against the corruption we are seeing in DC and stop the outsized corporate influence in our political system. The recent court ruling to overturn the Affordable Care Act is just another example of the Republican effort to strip healthcare away from Americans without a policy to replace it. Bacon even opposed Medicaid expansion, which passed by more than seven percentage points in our state. He continues to demonstrate that his extreme positions are out of touch with those of his regular working-class constituents.

I spent the past two years introducing myself to the people of Nebraska's 2nd district. Now I am excited to give everyone a chance to really get to know me. I am ready to roll up my sleeves again, talk to voters, and earn their votes in 2020.”

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