Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get things done?

It’s time. Time for a pragmatic problem-solver who puts people first. Time to take the fight to Washington to make government work for its citizens.

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Meet Kara

Kara Eastman

I know how to get things done with national and local governments. My organization, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance (OHKA), has become a recognized leader in securing healthy home environments for kids and their families. I’ve worked with government at all levels, effecting policy changes for green and healthy housing in the United States.

I put people first. As a trained social worker, I have led organizations that improve the lives of real people. Besides OHKA, I led Extra Hands for ALS, dedicated to funding research for Lou Gehrig’s disease. I’m also currently Vice Chair of the Board of Metropolitan Community College, which serves 45,000 students annually as the largest community college in Nebraska, focused on training our young people for the jobs that will drive Nebraska’s economy.

I’m tired of “all talk and no action.” I have first-hand knowledge through my work of governments’ failures to address people's needs. I see Nebraskans struggle to pay rent for apartments, food and utilities; many have so much complicated student loan debt that are unable buy a home or save to put their own kids through school.

Midwestern values are important to us. My husband and I chose to raise our daughter in Nebraska. We have seen a number of candidates for office who are good people, but who either do not know how or are unwilling to fight for what we believe in – education that prepares our students for the jobs of today and tomorrow, affordable healthcare, safe and secure housing, a nation that is well protected but also welcoming of others, and a simple tax structure that allows us to have stability without worrying that we are one paycheck away from losing everything.

I am running for Congress because we need to take the fight to Washington. I will make sure Nebraskans have a champion in Washington. I will never stop fighting to ensure that our government works for us and for our children. It’s time for social workers to step up to do what we were trained to do – to fight for you.