• A bipartisan fix to the ACA
  • No penalties for pre-existing conditions
  • Affordable for everyone

Most Democrats and Republicans actually agree on many key points. The ACA doesn’t have enough insurers and premiums for many have risen substantially as a result. But the choice is not to exclude Americans, and many Nebraskans, from coverage.

BIPARTISAN DIALOGUE is critical to break the logjam. Kara knows how to open up tough conversations.

Kara’s nonprofit, Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, began fighting childhood lead poisoning. She has worked with federal and state organizations and politicians on all sides to produce results, such as public health initiatives to reduce asthma related emergency room visits.


  • Reduce income inequality
  • Promote fiscal responsibility
  • Cut down on tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations

The middle class and working families who produce the wealth in America deserve better. We should create more opportunities so that everyone can succeed.

REDUCING INCOME INEQUALITY AND PROMOTING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY are at the top of Kara's list of priorities. Kara will work to cut down on tax breaks for the wealthy and for large corporations.

As Executive Director and CEO of Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance for more than a decade, Kara has raised over $13 million for the city and people of Omaha.

She provides well-paying jobs for her staff and works to create public-private partnerships in her role as a city leader. She understands how to create job opportunities, and she will advocate for fair pay to help the working class and provide employers with flexibility as it is phased in.


  • Reduce student debt & fight high fee lenders
  • Drive the economy with an educated workforce
  • Open more routes to higher education

All Americans have the right to high quality, affordable education, and pre-K programs must be funded adequately.

In 2014, Kara was publicly elected by a large majority to serve on the board of Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, one of the nation’s top 10 Community Colleges.


To grow our economy, we must prepare Nebraskans for the jobs of today... and the future. MCC now serves over 45,000 students annually. As Vice Chair of the MCC Board, Kara knows what it means, first hand, to create effective and cost efficient education programs, and she is really tired of seeing great potential wasted when student loan debt leads to drop outs and discouragement.

Political Fixes

Kara will work to bring democracy back to the people through common sense solutions.

She wants to end the outsized influence of wealthy individuals and corporations—first, we stand against Citizens United.

As an elected official, Kara understands that we need to demand real changes to our outdated electoral system and place people, not corporations, first.


We cannot ignore the biggest moral issue facing our children – the environment.

Kara will advocate global and multilateral ways to combat climate change.

As the head of a children's health organization centered in the nation’s largest residential superfund site, Kara understands how to make an impact. She finds sustainable solutions while keeping a focus on jobs and economic opportunity.

Kara will work to make real progress on alternative energy sources, from wind to solar, and she will push for alternative energy jobs in U.S. regions that lost manufacturing jobs.


Funding to address the number one environmental hazard to children, lead poisoning, has never been adequate enough and now is being cut even more.

Kara promises to invest in roads, schools, and healthy, affordable housing, and to protect net neutrality.

She will work to rebuild our infrastructure and provide safe and healthy housing for children and families.